Serving Communities Across Virginia

 Across Virginia, regions, cities, counties, towns, and neighborhoods have both formal and informal networks working together to provide support for those in need.

No Wrong Door is designed to augment these networks with electronic tools to make it easier and safer to work together. Our person-centered system and statewide network of partners serves older adults, caregivers, individuals with disabilities, veterans, and families in need of long-term services and supports, often working with community groups and coalitions.

Our system recognizes individuals seeking supports in their community have unique needs: someone being discharged from the hospital requiring help at home or transportation to physical therapy; an individual with a physical or intellectual disability living with their parents seeking to live independently; or a person with dementia suddenly losing their spouse and requiring outside support to stay living at home.

Communities collaborate to support each individual as they enter the support system through different doors. No Wrong Door offers a unique electronic tool to build on local relationships and protocols, enable providers to work together and securely share personal information, with consent, to help expedite access to services and supports.

No Wrong Door partners can help individuals better understand their options and support their decision-making processes.

No Wrong Door Connects Communities

 No Wrong Door can help stretch funds, build capacity, and serve more individuals faster. Quickly connecting individuals to the services they need helps avoid complications and re-hospitalizations. For example, high-risk individuals transitioning from the hospital to home, or from rehabilitation back into their community.

Our system was built to address the demographic shift to more older adults and individuals with disabilities, as well as their desire to live in their homes and communities. The enhanced communication and coordination through the No Wrong Door system keeps community partners connected, and can even attract additional partners to participate, helping existing resources go farther.

No Wrong Door Protects Your Privacy

 No Wrong Door complies with both federal HIPAA and state guidelines regarding the exchange of personally identifiable information between providers. Individuals must provide consent before providers can see personal information.

It is always the individual’s choice whether to share their information in the No Wrong Door system, in which all data is protected by partner agreements and technology safeguards, policies of the Commonwealth, and a statewide Resource Advisory Council.